Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wicked Bible Believing Hypocrites

The world is full of Bible preaching and quoting hypocrites. They preach the Bible, but they do not know Jesus of the Bible. You can see it from their deeds. They indulge in the same sins as the world. They destroy the world, they wage wars, they kill other people and yet they evangelize the world. They send missionaries all over the world to become just like them, hypocrites, fornicators, conformed to the world who even kill, abort, their own children. They are involved in all kinds of sexual immorality. All the things that Jesus hates, all the things that God forbid, they do those things and yet, they quote the Bible. They build churches and they tell people that they are saved.
Dear friends, do we think that we will escape the wrath of God if we do those things, if we make a mockery of Jesus, Christ, who died for our salvation? You can quote the bible as much as you like, dear friend, but if you do not know Jesus Christ and OBEY Him, you are on your way to hell. If you meet Jesus Christ, He writes His laws in your heart and you know what is pleasing to Him, AND IF YOU LOVE HIM, you DO those things. You turn away from sin, from serving yourself, from going after the things of the world, from hurting and killing other people and blessing those who go and kill others, and you serve Jesus. You obey Him. You LOVE your neighbor, you don't KILL your neighbor. Dear friends, who are we fooling? Do we think that God is as blind as we are?
If we are children of God then we will have the likeness of Jesus Christ. He came and showed us how a son of God will behave, how he will live. He will live in fellowship with his Father all the time, doing everything to please God, in UTTER HOLINESS and UTTER OBEDIENCE. You can carry a Bible, friend, you can quote all the verses but if you do not OBEY Jesus and DO what He said, He will say to you:”Go away from Me you hypocrite, who works wickedness!” Are you following Jesus, or are you just a church going, Bible quoting hypocrite on his way to hell? Do you truly love Jesus and obey Him? Jesus knows friend! We cannot fool Him.
REPENT and seek Jesus, go on your knees and cry out to Him for mercy. Ask Him to change you, give you a new heart, so that you can love your neighbor and be serious. Stop being a hypocrite! Be serious with God, or else, you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven, my friend.
May Jesus bless you.

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